Long Range T4300A-V

      (voice activated)

Long Range LT-Trap

MEC complete 100' Pull Cord

Long Range T-8A

*more options available than what is listed below*

Northeast Clay Sports has many controller options to fit your need. Both wireless and hardwired. Contact us today for a quote.   Jared Rumer - 717-385-5234 - northeastclaysports@gmail.com

Long Range LT-100

Long Range LT-200

Long Range MT 4300

MEC Pull Cord Button

(make your own cord)

Long Range T4300A

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Long Range LT-Skeet

Long Range R4300 Digital Reciever

Jared Rumer * 717-385-5234 * northeastclaysports@gmail.com * Carlisle, PA 17015

Long Range TargetTag (Hardwired or Wireless)

Long Range T-8A-V

   (voice activated)